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"Just Like Sisters"

CureACC's "Just Like Sisters" program is dedicated to everyone that loved and supported my mom in her journey with cancer, especially her cousin Pammy. Beverly and Pammy grew up "just like sisters," so CureACC is recognizing Pammy's love and loss with a new program, connecting patients with their "Pammy's."Select the package that best fits you. Find your Beverly by signing up to give one package a month to a patient. Sign up to find your Pammy and receive the package you need. We are so excited for you to join the "Just Like Sisters" community!

"I had never lived life without my Beverly. We were 1st cousins on her mom's and my dad's side. Born 2 years apart, the youngest of 6 cousins. We both had brothers, so neither of us had a sister. We became just like sisters, joined at the heart. We shared all of our dreams and secrets. We even roomed together while at Auburn. We were each other's maid/matron of honor in our weddings. We treasured the time we would spend together every summer with our babies as we all grew up. ACC was present in over 8 of those summers, but it never stole our joy or quieted our laughter. The kind of time spent that heals your soul and makes you feel whole again. Our last summer was in 2017, and it was just as always. Lots of love, laughter, stories, memories, and precious time." - Pammy Edwards

One-Time Donations

Looking for the best way to contribute to CureACC directly? Consider making a one-time donation here. Your donation will go directly into CureACC to continue the development and growth of the company and community!

Beverly and Pammy


Chemo Comfort

Want a little pick-me-up for yourself or a loved one? Sign up here to receive Chemo Care Items such as comfy socks from a sponsor. Go here to be one of those sponsors.

Chemo Essentials

Need some Essentials to get you through treatment? Sign up here to receive a Chemo Beanie, Essential Oil, and Queasy Drops. Go here to be a sponsor that provides those Essentials!


Chemo Care Package

Want the best of both worlds? Sign up here to receive a full Chemo Care Package and join the community! Want to be one of the sponsors and provide those packages? Go here to give your support.

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