8:02 am 6-27-2017

The moment my mom died

     My mom was diagnosed with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma when I was about 3. I didn't quite understand everything, but I knew enough. At a young age, I had a pretty good understanding of the time I would have with my mom, whether I knew it. My whole life, I never understood the kids in my grade who talked about how mad they were at their moms. I always had this little tick in my mind that pushed me to always stay happy with my mom and who she was. I would strive to keep our relationship the best as possible.
Throughout her battle, she had radiation, chemotherapy, and a few other treatments to hinder its spread.
     On the week of my twelfth birthday, my dad's mom was here for a visit. My mom was getting really, really weak at that point, and we had set up a hospital bed in our living room. I slept on the couch there for the last month and a half. My dad started sleeping down there around the last 2-3 weeks. Three days after my birthday, I was woken up by my dad. We went into the living room, and we sat on her bed. She couldn't support herself up, so she was propped up against me. Our pastor from our church came in and gave her final absolution. Not even thirty seconds after he left, my beautiful Mama passed away in my arms.
8:02 a.m. Tuesday, June 27, 2017

March 14th, 2018

I posted my first post on my Instagram account

     My mom taught me so much, but the most important lesson will stay with me forever. "Look for the positive, and if there is none, be the positive." This is such a valuable message that can change a person's life. I took this and ran. I started an Instagram account to support the cause and support anyone who has ACC. I noticed that I was the only account out there specifically for ACC. My original goal was just to raise awareness to find a cure, but that quickly changed. The more people I met through my account, the more my objective shifted. While I continue to push for a cure, I also try to spread positivity to anyone that needs it.