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The Comfort Package has some of the essentials to feeling better after a hard day of treatment or daily life with cancer. This package includes:


~ Fluffy Socks

~ Nail Buffers

~ Motivational Stressball

~ A Small Stuffed Animal AKA New Friend

~ Queasy Drops


This is an excellent gift for anyone undergoing treatment and needing a little pick-me-up! 

Cancer Comfort Package

  • Once the package is shipped, there are no returns or refunds. Before the package is shipped, refunds are available upon request. 

  • CureACC does not claim to cure any medical condition of any kind with these products. If there are any prior medical concerns about any of these products, the usage of these products should be discussed with a licensed medical professional. CureACC is not responsible for any possible reactions or side effects that these products could cause. Use with precautions!

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